Parent Participation

Helping Out

Lilliput Land is a non-profit, parent-run, organization. As part of a cooperative preschool, all parents have the opportunity to create a truly special place for their child (or children).

By choosing a cooperative school, you are agreeing to participate in the life of the school and share in its direction and operation with other parents. All families are required to:

  • Take turns bringing in (but not preparing) the snack (details in our registration package).
  • Attend general membership meetings, usually twice per year.
  • Assist with fundraising as needed.
  • Agree to take on an individual assignment for the year.

Individual Assignments

  • Assignments vary. Parents indicate their preferences based on their interests, skills and time schedules.
  • Examples include: sitting on the Board of Directors or a committee (Membership or Fundraising), supply teaching (only needed if a teacher is sick), assuming a housekeeping or administrative duty.
  • For more information about parent involvement, please see our Registration Package.


Our fundraising initiatives for the 2016/2017 school year included:

  • Scholatic Book Orders – order books to add to your home library and a percentage of the orders is given back to the school as money towards books and classroom supplies.
  • Chapters Online Fundraising – Our Chapters fundraising goes digital! Purchase a Chapters / Indigo gift card and we’ll receive 20% back to the school.  Send the link with family/friends/co-workers or share on social media.
  • T-shirts & Totes – Help spread the word about the school by sporting Lilliput gear about town! T-shirts (available in grey and blue size 2, 3 & 4) and Totes (available in natural canvas) can be purchased directly from the school.